GIS (Geographic Information System)

Real-estate sector

Working with a pioneering German real-estate brokerage, I developed pipelines using a combination of conventional and ML-based image analysis approaches. These took as inputs map and satellite imagery as well as data from databases, APIs, and tabulated data files to provide the client with the means to achieve a considerable advantage in the industry.

Industrial computer vision

Image-based automated diagnostics

As part of a project for an international metal-industry manufacturer, I wrote and distributed an ImageJ plugin for automated analysis of diagnostics images. These images contained aerosol-based markers for parts-defects which allow for a significant improvement in the diagnostics and quality-control workflows.

Automated quantification in food production pipelines

After being contacted by a leading UK food manufacturer, I consulted on the imaging approach and then developed a computational pipeline for quantifying the amount of an additive in the final product.

This enables the production of a much more homogeneous end-product, and was commisioned to address end-consumer concerns about variability in the product.